20 gauge slug deer hunting

They are my go to slug for self defense or hunting at around a buck each. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend. Was this review helpful to you. Assuming a clean hit, will it dispatch a deer pretty much DRT? Ballistic reports suggest that this is o.k. and it is legal to hunt with a 20ga. I'm talking here about using shotgun slugs for deer hunting. More technical statistics are: these grain 20 gauge slugs travel at fps.

I've never shot at a deer with a smoothbore 20 gauge slug, but I sighted one These were in Florida where we would be quail hunting the majority of the. Redefine slug accuracy with the refreshed Savage Slug Gun. This 20 gauge shotgun for deer hunting is built like a rifle with features including the. It's a real stretch for any gauge slug to reach that minimum outside Channel television programming, but Live Oak is a deer hunter's paradise.

the ballistics are better, less recoil, and the guns themselves are much handier in the stand or for still hunting. Use your 20, you will not be sorry! Dale. Stick with 12 gauge Foster type slugs for deer hunting as the smaller gauges pack much less punch. The 20 gauge slug develops only ft. lbs. of energy at. In general, yes, the 20 gauge is the better platform for rifled slug guns for deer. That may change, though, based on future ammunition and rifle advancements.

Versatile and powerful, this slug gives the gauge shotgun enough be used against bigger game than multi-projectile shells such as buck and bird shot. I took my first mule deer this year with an H&R 20 ga. I dont know if I would roll on an elk hunt with a slug gun, especially if I was having it guided. What's the best slug gun for deer hunting? For hunters in states where centerfire rifles are illegal, these gauge slug guns work great. A gauge shotgun can also be used to take down a deer, but you'll need a very good shot and most hunters aren't comfortable using one. A gauge shotguns.

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In both 12 gauge and the 20 gauge cartridges, Hornady® SST® Shotgun Slugs deliver sub-2" groups at yards and feature the flattest trajectory on the market. Shotgun Slugs · Hornady SST Slug 20 Gauge /4" grain · Federal Trophy Copper Sabot Slug 20ga /4" - 5ct · Remington Slugger Rifled Slug 3" 12 Gauge 1oz. Winchester 20 Ga /4 in 20 Pellet 3 Buck Super X 5/Box. $ ($ / round) ; Hornady 20 Gauge 2 3/4 Inch gr SST Shotgun Slugs 5/Box. $ ($ /. The gr NeoTec Copper slug is the newest slug in the TarHunt 20ga Schrifle series. It is a high performance, full expanding, copper slug at fps. It is. So GT, I've been shotgun hunting in north central MA for 9 seasons now. Started with a NEF Ultra Slug Hunter in 20 gauge. Shot a couple deer. hitting 20GA 3” slug the Magnum™ is your perfect choice for any kind of deer hunting. Its one of the heaviest 20 GA slugs on the market, giving you deep. One benefit of straight-case rounds developed for deer hunting and similar use is mild recoil. A stiff gauge slug load will rattle your molars. A rifle in.
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